How To Prepare Your Salon For Re-Opening After Lockdown How To

How To Prepare Your Salon For Re-Opening After Lockdown

Lots of business owners are now thinking about after lockdown. The pandemic has affected us in so many ways. The main question to ask yourself currently is: How do I prepare my salon after the pandemic?

First of all, I believe that there are similar guidlines that beauty salons, hair salons, barbershops should follow in this journey. In this blog I've listed some of those guidlines.

Social Distancing

Germany has implemented the rule that all customers and hairdressers must keep a 1.5m distance. They also do not permit "Direct communication". Any discussion relating to the service must be kept to a minimum and done via a mirror. You must follow your governments guidlines when it comes to social distancing at your salon. You must keep up-to-date with the rules provided by your government and local authorities. Send salon reopening messages for customers and of these rules via socail media e.g. instagram, twitter, facebook. Ideally there should be no face to face talking, seats should be kept at a distance from each other, visitors must be kept to a minimum, and protective equipment must be placed all around your salon.

Face Coverings

Unlike nail and beauty salons, hairdressers and barbers will be facing the challenges of cutting a clients hair while they are wearing a face mask. In Germany, the Hairdressing Association notified that clients would be able to briefly remove their mask. Depending on which country you are in, there will be different measurments placed for face covering. I recommend reminding your clients about the importance of wearing a mask via automated mail, and social media platforms. Make sure you have PPE equipment stored at your salon such as sanitation, face masks, gowns, gloves.

Online Appointment Booking

During the pandemic, I think we have all realised the importance of digital media and technology. Most people have been able to continue working at home via digital platforms. Schools have been staying in touch with their students via platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google Meeting. Salon management softwares are perfect digital solutions for businesses in the beauty industry. These softwares are great tools that will assist you and your clients when it comes to re-opening after lockdown. Your customers will be able to book their appointments online, and you'll be able to track and manage your schedule all through one app. These salon booking softwares also provide social distancing as it avoids face-to-face communication. With our software, your staff will also be able to access and use this platform to track their customer appointments. You'll also be able to send automated mails reminding your staff and clients of their upcoming bookings. Check out our cloud based software features here.

Social Media

Social media is your best friend during this period. Use this free tool to your benefit. Reassure your clients of your protection procedures, public statements about after lockdown preperations. Talk to your clients and keep in contact with new customers using your platforms. During the pandemic, more and more people have been signing up to social media platforms. Existing users have been more active. Set up Facebook and Instagram adverts to reach people in your area with salon reopening messages. These ads are low cost and affective way to reach potential new customers. Make sure that people can rely on your social media to prepare for their first appointment after lockdown.

Welcoming Back Staff

Keep in contact with your staff during this journey and throughout lockdown. The lockdown has been very difficult for all of us. Especially in terms of motivation and mental health, we've all been affected negatively. As management, it is your duty to talk to your staff and make them feel supported and a part of the team. Organise your staff schedule and shifts using a salon management app. Possibly you need to start rethinking about your opening and closing hours. Make sure the changes you make will reduce contact and risks of congestion.

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