How To Make Your Salon Business Grow How To

How To Make Your Salon Business Grow

Do you often take a step back to think about how successful your salon is? We know that you’re busy, but we recommend you have a clear sense of where you are going. There are 3 fundamental ways which will help your business grow. These methods will give you a clear sense of what you should be achieving at your salon. I have listed three tips that you should follow in order to grow your salon business.

Tip 1: Increase Your Salon Clientele

As a salon manager you must be proactive and continuously search for new ways to adapt to your client needs. To grow your business you must take on new actions so that your salon is on trend with current affairs. Try to concentrate more on your goals and improve the quality of your services. To do this, you must be keeping track of KPIs. The number of customers you treat should be an indication of whether your actions are increasing your clientele. By keeping track of this you’ll also be able to see the performance of your staff. The most difficult part to this, is keeping those clients loyal to your salon. Make sure your salon is accessible to potential clients 24/7. Your clients should be able to request and book appointments online. If this is a service your business does not have, then you must start looking into a salon management software. Salon Management App is an online scheduling app that allows you to track, organize, and manage your salon. You’ll have one platform to manage your inventory, staff, appointments, product stocks, and calendar schedules. You should download the app and start your free trial today!

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Tip 2: Existing Clients Should Be Visiting Your Salon Frequently

Particularly, the pandemic has affected our customer relationships. You must be making this your priority during this time. Make sure you are staying active on your social media, keep posting regularly. Your social media profiles are your best friend alongside a salon scheduling software. Inform your clients of the current regulations, and keep them up to date with when you’ll be returning to work. Your clients are spending more time on social media, and they’ll be checking your profile for updates. Post interactive content and find ways of rewarding your loyal customers. Inactive social media profiles will not be able to keep their clients nor will they attract new profiles.

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Tip 3: Services & Products Sold

If your business has a great bond with customers and increasing visits. Then, the next most important step for growing, is selling more products per salon visit. By achieving this you’ll be increasing your sales by 20-100%. The things which you can be doing to increase this, is offering add on services such as facials at a barber shop, or deep conditioning. Inform your staff to talk and push these sales during the services they are providing. Another easy way to increase the number of products sold is by offering a variety of assortments. For a nail salon, this could be a nail care line, a nail polish brand, styling tools. Try to mix your business with other brands so that your clients have a variety to choose from.

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