Google My Business Tips for Beauty Salons. Add appointment link to Google My Business How To

Google My Business Tips for Beauty Salons. Add appointment link to Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an application that google provides free of charge to all businesses. It has been created to increase the awareness of your website as well as your business recognition.

You don't need to have an existing website to set up a Google Business Account. After creating your Google account you must provide accurate information about your business for your clients and users. This includes information about your working hours, address, map information, phone number, and visual gallery.

Why is Google Important for My Business?

Considering that Google is used by millions of people everyday; A business profile on Google and Google Maps can give you many clicks and appointment traffics. After all, the higher your visibility on the internet, the easier it will be to gain your customers' trust and attract attention.

In addition to increasing the awareness of your business account for your salon. A My Business account on Google will also keep you in touch with your customers at any time thanks to the question/answer section. This allows them to learn more about your business profile.

Furthermore, thanks to it's ability to comment, this enables you to communicate securely with new target audiences as well as your potential customers. The best aspect of a Google My Business Account is the online appointment, this increases the chance of gaining new customers.


What Does Google Provide for My Beauty Salon?

Thanks to Google My Business, you can eliminate the limitation of the working hours of your salon and give your customers the chance to make an online appointment at any time and prevent possible customer losses.

And finally, let's answer your 'Is Google My Business Paid?' question, no, the app is not paid.


How to Add and Use Google Appointment Link?

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    1. First, login to SalonManagementApp panel and copy your business appointment link in the 'Overview' tab by clicking 'Copy Link'.

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    2. Add appointment link to Google My Business. Login to the Google My Business page and click on 'Update Service Availability' on the homepage.

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    3. If you have Salon Management App this is where you’ll add your online booking site link. Paste the business link you copied in the first step to the 'Appointment Link' button and click the 'Done' button.

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    4. Your appointment link will be ready after an average of 24 hours and will be visible in the 'Appointments' option at the bottom of your My Business card.

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    5. Done! Through your appointment link, your customers will be able to create an online appointment at any time and you will only be able to host your customers.

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